On this page, you will find all of the documents and materials relevant to Unit 2: Argumentation with Sources.

Choosing a Research Topic for Unit 2

Though you won't actually begin your research project until the middle of the semester, you should be thinking about your topic in advance--preferably starting RIGHT NOW. The following document tells you everything you need to know about choosing a topic.
Choosing a Research Topic for Unit 2.doc
Choosing a Research Topic for Unit 2.pdf

Unit 1 Portfolio Requirements & Instructions

Portfolio 2 Requirements.doc
Portfolio 2 Requirements.pdf

Unit 2 Portfolio Rubrics

Portfolio 2 Rubrics.doc
Portfolio 2 Rubrics.pdf

Paper 3 & Associated Assignments

Paper 3_Research Report.doc
Paper 3_Research Report.pdf

Paper 4 & Associated Assignments (REVISED ASSIGNMENT SHEET)

Revised Paper 4_Argument Using Sources.doc

Examples of Paper 3: Objective Research Report

Paper 3 Example_Animal Testing.pdf
Paper 3 Example_Childhood Obesity.pdf