Here you will find .pdf files of all of the assigned readings for this semester. They are divided by Unit 1 and Unit 2. Due dates for individual readings are listed on the schedules (Unit 1 and Unit 2), though these due dates may be adjusted. I will announce any adjustments in class as well as on the home page of our wiki.

NOTE: It is YOUR responsibility to print a copy of each reading and bring it with you to class on the day it is due.

Unit 1 Readings

Find below all of the readings for Unit 1. (There are other reading assignments from your textbook as well!)
Bliss_Managing Your Time.pdf
Goldberg_Be Specific.pdf
Jennings_Whos Harassing Whom.pdf
King_Why We Crave Horror Movies.pdf
Lamott_Bird by Bird.pdf
Lahiri_My Two Lives.pdf
Lederer_The Case for Short Words.pdf
Manners_Rudeness Can Be Lethal.pdf
Orwell_Politics and the English Language.pdf
Parker_What Is Poverty.pdf
Ping_Ways to Ai.pdf
Steinem_The Politics of Muscle.pdf
Zimring_Confessions of an Ex-Smoker.pdf